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research works | Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen (PSI)

Urs Baltenspergers 76 research works with 239 citations including: An Extractive Electrospray Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (EESI-TOF) for

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Microbial enhanced oil recovery: interfacial tension and

in oil, reduce viscositya,b Pinilla et al{d}t}=\alpha x-\beta xy; \frac{\text{means of surfactant performance index \(\psi\

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Differential cross sections are presented for the prompt and non-prompt production of the hidden-charm states $X(3872)$ and $\psi(2S)$, in the decay

| Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy of PSI Trimers

Based on single molecule spectroscopy analysis and our preliminary theoretical studies, the linear and fluorescence spectra of the PSI trimer from Arthrospira


,1 Carol B Fowler,2 and Jeffrey T Mason2 Triton X-100, dish soap, DTT, or guanidine-(40,000 psi), there was a 4-fold increase


Severity Index (PSI) [8] and CURB65 risk 1:512), M pneumoniae and C burnetii, (≥ 1 Prior corticosteroid treatmentb 95 (3.8) 74 (


Bucher CINDY 25-B-PNS-S500-L-G12-2-SVT150 Powertronic PSI 1200/24 Phoenix PT 1X2+F-BEvalve DN 40 Series K 96(15 K96 6666 TZ 150

Numerical solution of advection–diffusion type equation by

{2}(t), \quad t0, \\ u(0,x)=u^{bmatrix} -25 48 -36 16 -3 $$ \psi_{i}(t):=\pi_{i}(t)-y_{

Study of the Dalitz decay $J/\psi \to e^+e^- \eta$ - GSI

Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M. N.; Ahmed, S.; Albrecht, M.; Alekseev, M.; Amoroso, A.; An, F. F.; An, Q.; Bai, Y.; Bakina, O.;

381-6000-1-2-1-1-5-1 BD 381-6000-1-2-1-1-5-1-005-000-

X on CASP12 dataset, when top L/5 long-range, 2017b). However, recent state-of-the-art and run PSICOV with three convergence parameters

3BSE053242R1 PM891K02 -

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Generant 4GDR-500B-V-B|4GDR-500B-V-A_

b-CPOs and at least one blend partner comprising aromatic or heterocyclic and X is O, NH, and Stress at break (psi) 5660 6160 6250 Modulus


GRACO HPM65B SD20 Series 50' Metallic Blue Hose Reel 2000psi Synthetic-Based Oil. Petroleum- and synthetic-based oils. Steel spool for demanding

Frontiers | Porous Silicon Bragg Reflector/Carbon Dot Hybrids

X-ray photoelectron, and Fourier Transform available precursors (Bhunia et al., 2016a,b). Porous silicon (PSi)-based nanostructures have

Differences in photosynthetic responses of NADP-ME type C4

activity of PSI and PSII complexes, as well and light is one of the most important factorsb ratio, enzymatic assays, and immunodetection of

RaptorX-Angle: real-value prediction of protein backbone

(named RaptorX-Angle) to predict real-valued(\phi), \cos(\psi), \sin(\psi)\right)1b). The activation layer conducts a simple

CITY TYRES 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube B

We report the first measurement of the fraction of J/ψ mesons coming from B-meson decay (FB→J/ψ) in p+p collisions at s=510  GeV. The

0404-174 P1X-J1600SS-P2

(ether-b-amide) (PEBA) copolymer in a solvent x is from 1 to 200; and R1, R2, R3, R4300 psi 500 psi 50 psi 100 psi 300 psi 500

B GT 60 – okipsi716251b GT 60 – 2PC 81B GT 628 GT X – V

Connect to the most current information on stocks and bonds on for BPSI.MI XEdition: United States Business Business Home Banca Popolar

NPA-600B-001G Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Sensors,

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1-888-373-4289 or by visiting Compression Deflection (25%) ASTM D1056 PSI 2 Dimension of blocks 80 x 40 x 2.16 inch 2


appearing at the nanoscale1,2,3,4,5,6,7(pSi) nanotube fabrics at each fabrication (b), silicon oxide substrate remaining after

〖SR3 B261FU〗__


1-C9B/20KN- 1-C9B/20KN-

PSI to plastoquinone (PQ) in one of two so-(PC) through the cytochrome b6f complex [19,21(APX2) was significantly differentially-expressed

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Diurnal biomarkers reveal key photosynthetic genes associated

2019311- chlorophyll a-b binding protein (CAB-13),(PSI), and Ferredoxin-NADP reductase (FNR),(1.8um, 2.1 x 100 mm; Waters,

SwePub - Observation of psi(3686) -gt

Observation of psi(3686) - eta e(+)Ferrara, Italy;Univ Ferrara, I-44122 Ferrara, Ji, X. B., (författare) Inst High

metric spaces - Distance $\Psi(A,B)=\sup_{x\in E}\vert d_A(x)

2019327- Define $$\Psi(A,B)=\sup_{x\in X}\vert d_A(x)-d_B(x)\vert$ One can prove that $\Psi(A,B)$ is a distance and $d(A,B)\le\

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